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Pieris can refer to:


  • Pieris (plant), the andromeda or fetterbush, a plant genus in the family Ericaceae
  • Pieris (butterfly), the garden whites, a butterfly genus in the family Pieridae
  • Pieris, a synonym of the genus Pierella in the butterfly family Nymphalidae


  • Pieris, Italy, an hamlet of San Canzian d'Isonzo in Italy
  • Pieria (regional unit), also Pieris, an administrative unit and a historic region in Greece
  • Pieris, an ancient name of the Greek settlement Kondariotissa
  • Pieres, an ancient Thracian tribe living in the Pieria region
  • an ancient region in East Macedonia, where the Pieres were relocated
  • Piereis, a municipal unit in Kavala regional unit, Greece


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