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Piero Gemelli (born 1952 in Rome) is an Italian photographer and artist.[1] He studied architecture and taught photography and advertising at the European Institute of Design until 1982. As a photographer, he started out creating advertising images and programs in multivision. In 1982, Gemelli moved to Milan where he worked for Italian Vogue and other international magazines. He opened a studio in Milan in 1987.

Gemelli is considered one of the most celebrated Italian photographers and has displayed his work in exhibitions worldwide. His work is also credited in various articles and publications.

In 1987, Gemelli received a Merit Award for Magazine Features. He also wrote a book Piero Gemelli Fotografie 1983-1993, published by Art Studio/Idea Books.

Today Piero Gemelli works between Milan, Paris, and New York City. In addition to his photographic work, Gemelli works as art director, exposition planning consultant, and video and commercials director.


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