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For other uses, see Pierre (disambiguation).

Pierre is a masculine given name. It is a French form of the name Peter[1] (it can also be a surname and a place name). Pierre originally means "rock" or "stone" in French (derived from the Greek word "petros" meaning "stone, rock", via Latin "petra"). See also Peter.

Persons with the given name[edit]



  • Pierre, the capital of the U.S. state of South Dakota
  • Pierre, a Chrono Cross playable character
  • Pierre Bezukhov, a central character in the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  • Pierre, a character in JumpStart
  • Pierre: or, The Ambiguities, a novel by Herman Melville
  • Carl Ouellet, Canadian professional wrestler - his ring names included Pierre
  • Pierre Alfonzo-Oren, a Kamen Rider Gaim character better known as Kamen Rider Bravo

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