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Pierre-Claude Foucquet (1694 – February 13, 1772) was a French organist and harpsichordist.

Foucquet was born in Paris, the son of Pierre Foucquet and Anna-Barbe Domballe. He was born into a family of musicians. At age 18, he was appointed as the organist at Saint Honoré church in Paris. Following this appointment he was the organist in several important churches: the Royal Abbey of St Victor (destroyed during the French Revolution), the St Eustache church, the Chapel Royal where he succeeded François d'Agincourt (1758), and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. At the end of his life he had to resign his appointment as organist due to illness, but was given a pension by the King.

His output includes: Three harpsichord books (before 1751)

  • Pièces de clavecin – Oeuvre première - Les Caractères de la Paix in C:
    • La Renommée
    • Marche en rondeau
    • Fanfare
    • Le Feu
    • Les Grâces pour musette
    • 2ème Musette
    • Les Ris: rondeau
    • Tambourin
    • Les Jeux: rondeau
  • Second Livre de Pièces de clavecin
  • Les Forgerons, le Concert des faunes et autres pièces de clavecin. Troisième Livre
  • Several arias for two parts and continuo (‘’La belle Silvie’’ etc.)

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