Pierre-Denis Martin (1663–1742)

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Pierre-Denis Martin
Born 1663
Died 1742
Nationality French
Occupation painter

Pierre-Denis Martin (1663 – 1742) was a French painter of historical subjects, battles, hunts, and architectural views, particularly of royal residences, such as the Palace of Versailles and the Château de Compiègne. He was also known as Martin the Younger (le jeune) or Martin des Gobelins (because he was employed at the Gobelins Manufactory).[1]


P.-D. Martin was born in Paris, and according to d'Argenville, he was the cousin of Jean-Baptiste Martin, while Pierre-Jean Mariette says he was J.-B. Martin's nephew and pupil. He is also said to have been the pupil of Adam François van der Meulen and the Parrocel.


He produced a series of paintings at the Château de Choisy, which are now in the Versailles Museum.[1]

The dictionary of artists by Bellier de la Chavignerie and Auvray incorrectly attributes several paintings by Pierre-Denis Martin in the Versailles Museum to Jean-Baptiste Martin.[1][2]


P.-D. Martin died in Paris.




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