Pierre-François Martin-Laval

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Pierre-François Martin-Laval
Pierre-François Martin-Laval - Monte-Carlo Television Festival.jpg
Martin-Laval in 2015
Born (1968-06-25) 25 June 1968 (age 48)
Marseille, France
Nationality French
Occupation Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Theatre director

Pierre-François Martin-Laval (nicknamed "PEF") is a French actor, film director, screenwriter and theatre director. PEF is well known in France for his acting performances in musical comedy but also in serious plays. He studied at a famous French school of acting: Cours Florent. During his drama studies, he met his comrades with whom he formed a troop called 'Les Robins des Bois' (The Robinhoods), a French comedy team formed in 1996. Initially called The Royal Imperial Green Rabbit Company, they renamed themselves after their first real success, a play titled Robins des bois.

Les Robins des Bois first appeared on television in La Grosse Emission, a regular TV show on the channel Comédie!. In this show they used to present short and utterly crazy plays. They quickly got popular and made appearances in French movies.



  • Le Temps des amours (TV show)|Le Temps des amours (2006, Thierry Chabert)
  • Le Temps des secrets (TV show)|Le Temps des secrets (2006, Thierry Chabert)
  • Jamel Show (2000, on Canal+
  • La Cape et l'Épée (2000, on Canal+
  • Nulle part ailleurs (1999–2000, on Canal+)
  • La Grosse Émission (1997–1999, French TVshow on Comédie !)
  • La basse cour (1996, C. Leherissey)
  • Histoire d'amour et pédalo (1995, E. Bailly)
  • Navarro (1994, M. Angelo)
  • Un jour avant l'aube (1993, de J. Ertaud)
  • La maison vide (1992, Denis Grenier Deferre)
  • Homardz (1990, P. Condroyer)
  The Disappearance





  • Robin des Bois d'à peu près Alexandre Dumas, adapted from Alexandre Dumas (1997, stage director Pierre-François Martin-Laval)
  • Les caprices de Mariannes (1996, Jean-Paul Rouve)
  • Le goût de la Hierarchie (1996, directed by Édouard Baer, with Isabelle Nanty)
  • Mémoire et intamarre (1995, V. Martin)
  • L'ascenseur (1994, M. Henada)
  • L'arbramouche (stage director par V. Martin)
  • La mouette (stage director Isabelle Nanty)
  • Reniflard and Co. adapted from Marx Brothers (1993, Jean-Christophe Berjon)
  • Un couple ordinaire (1993, R. Kuperberg)
  • On garde le moral (1992, A. Halimi)
  • Le bébé de Monsieur Laurent, Roland Topor (1991, stage director: Jean-Christophe Berjon)
  • Georges Dandin (1991, S. Brisé)

Stage director[edit]

  • Patrick Bosso Exagère (2000, in Palais des Glaces)
  • Kad et Olivier (1999, au Café de la Danse)
  • Robin des Bois d'à peu près Alexandre Dumas, adapted from Alexandre Dumas (1997, in Théâtre de la Gaîté-Montparnasse)
  • Éric et Ramzy (1996–1998, in the Bec Fin, the Café de la Gare, Le Splendid and in the Palais des Glaces)
  • En attendant l'Olympia with Pascal Vincent (1995-1996 barnstorming in Switzerland)
  • Capri c'est fini with Kad&Olivier (1998, in Café de la Danse)
  • Presque grande (1997, in Théâtre Clavel)


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