Pierre-François Percy

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Pierre-François Percy

Pierre-François Percy (28 October 1754 – 18 February 1825) was a French doctor and surgeon.


Pierre-François Percy, was born on 28 October 1754 in Montagney, (Franche-Comté, now in Haute-Saône).

After studying in Besançon, he became army surgeon in 1782.

During the wars of the French Revolution and Empire, he invented a new kind of ambulance usable on the battlefield, the cork-balls and the surgical quiver.

He served on the main battlefields of the Empire and became chief surgeon of the Grande Armée, but had to leave the army after 1809 because of ocular problems. His replacement as chief surgeon of the Grande Armée was Nicolas Heurteloup (1750-1812).[1]

He resumed service in 1814 and his conduct earned him the esteem of the Allied armies.

Percy had to retire during the Restoration and died in Paris on 18 February 1825.

Percy was member of the Academy of Sciences, Academy of Medecine, Commander of the Legion of Honor and Baron of Empire.


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