Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin

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Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin
Born24 March 1693
Died13 January 1768

Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin (Toulon, 24 March 1693 - Paris, 13 January 1768) was a French flutist, composer and flute maker of the late Baroque period. He was a son of Jean-Joseph Buffardin (Vaison-la-Romaine, 22 July 1664 - Avignon, 28 August 1726), an instrument maker. In 1711 Buffardin went to Constantinople, together with Pierre Puchot, the new French ambassador. From 1715 to 1749 Buffardin was a flute soloist at the court of the Elector of Saxony in Dresden. He was the teacher of flautists Johann Joachim Quantz, Pietro Grassi Florio, and Johann Sebastian Bach's elder brother, Johann Jacob Bach, whom he met in Constantinople in 1711.

Buffardin's Concerto for Flute is the only work which it is certain he wrote. His Concerto à cinq in E minor was written for his virtuosic student Quantz[citation needed], who said of Buffardin : "Il ne jouait que des choses rapides: car c'est en cela qu'excellait mon maître." (Translation: "He only played fast pieces; for in that my master excelled.")

Selected discography[edit]