Pierre Assouline

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Pierre Assouline
Pierre Assouline in Strasbourg, April 2009.
Pierre Assouline in Strasbourg, April 2009.
Born (1953-04-17)17 April 1953
Casablanca, Morocco
Occupation Novelist, essayist, biographer
Nationality French
Notable awards Le Prix Maison de la Presse (2005), Le Prix de la langue française (2007), Le prix Méditerranée (2011), Le prix littéraire Prince-Pierre-de-Monaco (2011)

Pierre Assouline (born 17 April 1953) is a writer and journalist. He was born in Casablanca, Morocco. He has published several novels and biographies, and also contributes articles for the print media and broadcasts for radio.

As a biographer, he has covered a diverse and eclectic range of subjects, including:

Several of these books have been translated into English and the Henri Cartier-Bresson biography has been translated into Chinese.

As a journalist, Assouline has worked for the leading French publications Lire and Le Nouvel Observateur. He also publishes a blog, “La république des livres.”