Pierre Bordage

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Pierre Bordage
Bordage at a book fair in Paris, March 2011
Bordage at a book fair in Paris, March 2011
Born (1955-01-29) 29 January 1955 (age 63)
La Réorthe, Vendée, France
Occupation Science fiction author
Alma mater University of Nantes
Genre Science fiction

Pierre Bordage (born 29 January 1955 in La Réorthe, Vendée) is a French science fiction author. He won the Cosmos 2000 prize in 1996 for his novel La Citadelle Hyponéros.

Pierre Bordage is one of France's best-selling science fiction writers. With more than 20 novels published in just over a decade, his books often touch on the spiritual aspects of society, in a style that combines the best of classic adventure stories with reflection on the future and the present.

Bordage's books are best-sellers in France, and have been translated in several European countries (Russia, Italia, Spain, Slovenia, Romania...) but there still remains the difficulty of getting published in English, especially in the United States.

He was winner of the 2008 Cezam Prix Littéraire Inter CE for Porteur d’âmes.[2]


Rohel le conquérant[edit]

Rohel the conqueror 1992-1996

  • Dame Asmine d'Alba cycle
    • Le Chêne Vénérable
    • Les maîtres sonneurs
    • Le monde des franges
    • Lune noire
    • Asmine d'Alba
  • Lucifal cycle
    • Les anges du fer
    • Le grand fleuve-temps
    • L'enfant à la main d'homme
    • Les portes de Babûlon
    • Lucifal
  • Saphir cycle
    • Terre intérieure
    • Les feux de Tarphagène
    • Le choeur du vent
    • Saphyr d'Antiter

Les guerriers du silence[edit]

(The Warriors of Silence) 1993-1998 Translated into English by Galatea Maman

  • Les guerriers du silence
  • Terra Mater
  • La citadelle Hyponéros

Wang series[edit]


  • Les portes d'occident (The Gates of The Occident)
  • Les aigles d'orient

Other novels[edit]

  • Abzalon (1998)
  • Atlantis, les fils du rayon d'or (1998)
  • Orchéron (2000)
  • "Les Fables de l'Humpur"
  • "L'evangile du Serpent"


  • 1792
  • 1793
  • 1794

Les derniers hommes (the last men) (2000)[edit]

A near future, after the third world war. In a Europe devastated by chemical, nuclear and genetic pollution, the rare intact resources are shared between nomadic tribes who have taken charge of the exploitation of a specific element. Solman the lame man from the Aquarius tribe – who discovers and controls water sources – has a gift of clairvoyance: this gift puts him apart from everybody, as people do not trust him. Except the healer Raima, the mysterious kadija and an old scientist of the old world who accompany him on his quest to escape the apocalypse which seems to menace the last men.

La Fraternité du Panca[edit]

  • Frère Ewen(2007)
  • Soeur Ysolde (2008)
  • Frère Kalkin (2010)
  • Soeur Onden (2011)
  • Frère Elthor (2012)


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