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Pierre Boulanger
Boulanger in 2003
Born (1987-08-08) 8 August 1987 (age 28)
Paris, France
Years active 2003 - present

Pierre Boulanger (born 8 August 1987) is a French actor. He is known for the 2003 film Monsieur Ibrahim, where he played a young Jewish boy, Moises "Momo" Schmidt. And also 2008's film Nos 18 ans where he played Richard. The young actor was then reported to be concentrating on his studies, thus he was not able to do movies right after Monsieur Ibrahim. After two years, he did some TV appearances and minor roles in movies. He is best known for the production of his first major English film in 2011, Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez.[1]


  • Rendez-Vous (2015) as Michel
  • God Help the Girl (film) (2014) as Anton
  • The Unlikely Girl (2012) as Luc
  • Monte Carlo (2011) as Theo
  • Nos 18 ans (2008) as Richard
  • Camarades (2007)
  • Camping paradis (2006) as David
  • Commissaire Cordier (2006) as Maxime
  • Grain de sel (2006) as Maxime
  • Poids plume (2005)
  • Sauveur Giordano (2005) as Maxime Levain
  • L'envers du décor (2005) as Maxime Levain
  • Le Proc (2005) as Damien Flamand
  • Danger Public (2005) as Damien Flamand
  • Les visages d'Alice (2005) as Pierre
  • Le Grand vent (2004) as Antoine
  • Dans la tête du tueur (2004) as Kevin
  • Louis Page (2004) as François
  • Un vieil ami (2004) as François
  • Monsieur Ibrahim as Momo (2003) - featuring Omar Sharif

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