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Pierre Chassang (1919 – 29 April 2013) was a French aikidoka holding 8th dan Takemusu Aiki Intercontinental and 6th dan Aikikai.[1]

A member of the Free French Forces during World War II, Chassang saw military service in North Africa, Italy and his native France.[2]

Chassang was first taught aikido by Tadashi Abe in 1952. When Abe returned to Japan in 1960, Chassang helped Masamichi Noro to create the Association Culturelle Européenne d'Aikido.[3] He subsequently studied with Mutsuro Nakazono and Nobuyoshi Tamura, with whom he had a long and close alliance.

Chassang was a founding member of the International Aikido Federation, which he served as General Treasurer for several years. He was President of European Aikido Federation from 1981-1987. With Philippe Voarino, he also founded the Takemusu Aiki Intercontinental association.[2]

Chassang died in April 2013, at the age of 94. Aikido Arma di Taggia Bushido Ryu has dedicated the dojo to him in 2018.[2][4]


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