Pierre Colmez

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Pierre Colmez
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Born1962 (age 60–61)
Alma materÉcole Normale Supérieure and Grenoble University
ChildrenCoralie Colmez
AwardsFermat Prize (2005)
Scientific career
InstitutionsParis VI University
Doctoral advisorJohn H. Coates
Jean-Marc Fontaine

Pierre Colmez (born 1962) is a French mathematician, notable for his work on p-adic analysis.

Colmez studied at École Normale Supérieure and obtained his doctorate from Grenoble University. He won the 2005 Fermat Prize for his contributions to the study of L-functions and p-adic Galois representations.

In 1998 he was an Invited Speaker of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin.[1] With Jean-Pierre Serre he edited the Correspondance Grothendieck-Serre (2001).[2][3]

Colmez has won the French Go championship four times.[4]

Mathematical work[edit]

He works on special values of L-functions and -adic representations of -adic groups at the meeting point of Fontaine's and Langlands' programs. His contributions include:

  • A proof[5] of a -adic analog of Dirichlet's analytic class number formula.
  • A conjecture[6] "Colmez's conjecture" relating Artin L-functions at and periods of abelian varieties with complex multiplication, a far reaching generalization of the Chowla-Selberg formula.
  • A proof[7] of Perrin-Riou's conjectural explicit reciprocity law related to the functional equation of -adic L-functions.
  • Several contributions to Fontaine's program of classification of -adic representations of the absolute Galois group of a finite extension of , including proofs of conjectures of Fontaine such as[8] "weakly admissible implies admissible" and the[9] "-adic monodromy conjecture" which describe representations coming from geometry, or the overconvergence of all representations,[10] and addition of new concepts such as[11] "trianguline representations" or[12] "Banach-Colmez[13] spaces".
  • A construction[14] of the -adic local Langlands correspondence for , via the construction of a functor (known as "Colmez's functor" or[15] "Colmez's Montreal functor") from representation of to representations of the absolute Galois group of .
  • Comparison theorems[16] · [17] · [18] for -adic algebraic and analytic varieties with applications to a geometrization of the -adic local Langlands correspondence.

Personal life[edit]

Pierre Colmez and Leila Schneps are the parents of Coralie Colmez.[19][20] Violinist David Grimal is Colmez's first cousin.

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