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Pierre Dominique Costantini or commandant Costantini (often misspelled Constantini) (1889–1986) was a French soldier, journalist, writer and Bonapartist militant.


Costantini fought as an officer in the First World War and as a reserve officer in the armée de l'air during 1939–1940. He founded the Mouvement social européen. In 1940, he founded the collaborationist Ligue française d’épuration, d’entraide sociale et de collaboration européenne and with Jean Boissel, Marcel Déat, Pierre Clementi and Eugène Deloncle co-founded the Légion des volontaires français contre le bolchevisme (LVF). He edited the Ligue's organ, the journal L'Appel. In 1943, he founded the Union des journalistes anti-maçons. He fled to Sigmaringen in 1944 and was condemned to prison in 1952. He later pursued a journalistic career and published several essays.


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