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Pierre De Celles (born 14 December 1951) is a Canadian animator, best known for directing 1988's Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw. He was also the Supervising Director for the Spiral Zone animated series. In the 1990s, he did Ren Hoek's screaming and cackling in "Big House Blues," the pilot of The Ren and Stimpy Show.

Life and Work

Quoting his own words, Pierre De Celles “... was born early in the morning of December 14, 1951 in Montreal, Canada. My mother was superstitious and did not want me to be born on the 13th, thinking it would bring me bad luck, so she held out until one minute passed midnight to give birth. I never understood that, since her brother (my uncle) was born on the 13th and he was the luckiest man I ever knew!”. He started to draw at quite an early age and over time, using again his own words “... drawing became my joy". Uninspired by the stiff school system of his times, like many men and women of his generation, he left school to try to find his own way; Pierre De Celles adolescence is a glaring example of the 1960s counterculture movement and aspirations — including ideals of peace, free love, compassion and human fellowship, harmony with nature, communal living, artistic experimentation, sharing of resources — with its urgency to redefine social life ethos and boundaries.

Pierre De Celles started to learn by himself, practicing while working for a living: he was a newspaper courier, a milkman helper, worked in a pie factory, at 'Ogilvy' department store, etc., until he finally landed with a job in an animation studio.

Pierre De Celles Animation career span over 40 years and several countries (Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Japan, China) and he has been involved in projects with Wang’s Production (Taiwan), Warner Brothers Studio (USA), Marvel Production (USA), DIC Entertainment (France then the United States), Atlantic/Kushner-Locke Inc. (USA), Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. (USA) among others.

He is an appreciated draftsman and painter, in 2004 a main exhibition of his 'Zhong Kui' paintings along with painting of his artist friend Mr. Dong Zhi Yi, was organized by the Shang Hai International Cultural Communication Association and shown in Shang Hai, the opening ceremony hosted by Canadian consulate general Robert B. Mackenzie.

Pierre De Celles most sought-after paintings and drawings include the “Zhong Kui” series, “Red Riding Hood” series, “Don Quixote” series, “U.F.O” series, and “Buddha” series.

Currently Pierre is Co-Founder and Director of Animation at his own boutique studio, Crashdown Studio located in Shanghai, China.


- 1976 BG Layout and animation director, 'Noah's animals' (TV Special),'Shamus Culhane' and 'Westfall' prod.

- 1980 Layout and key animation posing,'The last of the Red Hot Dragons' (TV Special), 'Shamus Culhane' and Westfall' prod.

- 1984 Animation supervisor (short stay), 'Care Bare, the movie', 'Nelvana' prod.

- 1985 Layout and key animation posing,'Space Ace' (TV series), first episode.

- 1985 Animator and Animation supervisor 'The Snorks', (TV series),'Snorkitis is nothing to sneeze ','Hanna-Barbera' prod.

- 1985 BG Layout and animation posing,'Q-Bert', (TV series),'The Goofy Ghostgetters', 'Ruby-Spear' prod.

- 1986 Character model retake supervisor. (Toho, Japan)'Jem',(TV series) 'The world hunger chingdig', 'Lost resorts', 'Adventure in China', 'In stitches', 'Marvel' prod.,'Sunbow' prod.

- 1986 Animation supervisor (Akom studio, Korea), 'My Little Pony, the movie', 'Hasbro' and 'Sunbow' prod.

- 1987 Key animation, 'The Chipmunk's great adventure', (Feature film), 'Bagdasarian' and 'Shakespeare' prod.

- 1987 Key animation, 'Family Dog', ('Amazing stories', epis.), 'Hyperion, Kushner-Locke prod.

- 1988 Key animation, (Great American Studios),'Kissyfur' (TV series), 'Home sweet swamp','D.I.C.' prod.'Slimer' (TV series), 'Not so great outdoors', 'D,I.C.' prod.

- 1988 Director (storyboard, art direction, layout, design and anim.), 'Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw', (Feature film),'Donald Kushner', 'Peter Locke' prod.

- 1989 Director, (writer, designer, storyboard on pre-production), 'Blue Eyes Superstars', ( TV serie pilot ), 'S.E.P..P.', prod.

- 1989 Layout key animation posing,'The Book of Mormons', (TV and DVD market), 'The conversation of Alma the younger', 'Living Scriptures' prod.

- 1989 Storyboard artist,'The Smurfs' (TV series), 'Smurfs that time forgot', 'The monumental Grouch', 'Smurfette's green thumb', 'Hanna-Barbera' prod.

- 1990 Storyboard artist,'Rick Moranis Gravedale High', (TV series), 'Dress up, mess up', 'Cleopatra's Pen Pal', 'Long Day's Gurney into night', 'Do the Rad thing', 'Monsters on trial','Hanna Barbera' prod.

- 1990 Storyboard Artist,'Tinytoon', (TV series), 'Hero Hampton', 'Warner Bros. Animation' and 'Amblin Entertainment'.

- 1991 Voice sound effex, (Hysteria Screams),'Ren and Stimpy', 'Big House Blues', and other shows, 'Nickelodeon' prod.

- 1991 Pre-Production designs, storyboard, animation (Pilot Film),'Akata, Prince of Atlantis', 'Pixibox' prod.

- 1992 Layout supervisor,(Pacific Rim studio, China),'The Super Trolls',(TV series),'Magneto Two','D.I.C.' prod.

- 1992 Director (Art dir., storyboard, design, story), (Pacific Rim),'The New Adventures of Little Toot', ( Feature Film ) written by 'Roy Freeman', a 'Penn' prod.

- 1992 Character designs (epi.406-445), layout animation key posing,'Tazmania', (TV series), epi.406-440, epi.406-446, epi.406-447, epi.406-448, epi.406-451.

- 1992 Concept designer, storyboard, animation, director,'The woozies', 'Nickell and the Booma Looma Bunch', 'Rambuster and the Computinies', (TV series pilot films), 'Media Development', S.A.

- 1994 Storyboard Artist,'Problem Child', (TV series), 'Junior in the Big House', Lacewood' prod.

- 1995 Layout and Animation Director, (Hong Ying, China ) 'The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog' ( TV series ), 'Big Daddy','Snow Problem', 'So long Sucker', 'Sonic Breakout',' Sonic gets trashed','The mystery of the missing Hi-Tops', 'Robotnik JR', 'Mc Hopper','Mad Mike, da bear warrior', 'Attack on the Pinball Fortress', 'The Little Merhog', 'The Robot's Robot', 'Hero of the year', 'Life of the sick and twisted', 'Sonic is running'.

- 1997 Layoutman, animator, director, (Hong Ying)'Tex Avery Theater', (TV series), 'Silence of the Lame', 'D.I.C.'prod.

- 1998 Layout supervisor, (Hong Ying),'Animal Stories', (TV series), 'Caterpilla', 'Cat Fish', 'Centipede','Cheetah', 'Cat', 'Cow', 'Donkey', 'Dinosaure', 'Hippo', 'Humming Bird','Magpie', 'Whale', 'Collingwood' and Ohare entertainment prod.

- 1998 Animator and director, (Hong Ying), 'Courage the Cowardly Dog', 'Promo test for 'Strech Films'

- 1998 Layout supervisor (Hong Ying), 'Urban Birds',( Pilot Episode ),'Neptuno Films' prod.

- 1999 Layout and animation director, (Hong Ying) 'Sabrina, the animated series', (TV series), 'This is your nine lives','Key to my heart', 'Xabrin warrior witch','Enchanted vacation','Salem's Plot','Scare apparent', 'Hex-Change students', 'Once upon a whine','As anyone seen my Quigley ?', 'Witch switch', 'Tail of two kitties','Boogie shoes', 'Brina Baby', 'Lord of the Dance', 'D.I.C.' prod.

- 2001 Layout and animation director, 'The new Adventures of Madeline', (TV series), 'Madeline on Stage','D.I.C.' prod.

- 2001 Animation supervisor, 'What about Mimi ?' (TV series), 'Into the woods', 'Lights, Camera, Action', 'Studio B' prod.

- 2001 Producer and director, (Hong Ying), 'M-813',( 6 min. Promo ), 'P. De Celles', 'G. Grammat', prod.

- 2002 Retake supervisor (Hosem, China), 'Altair', (TV series), 52 episodes, 'Hahn Film' prod.

- 2003 Layout location designer, (Hoochi, China) 'Olympic Mathematics',(TV series), 'Far East Animation' Ltd.

- 2006 Layout and animation director, (Bellanim, China)'U', (French, feature Film), 'Prima Linea' prod.

- 2006 Art Designer, co-writer, co-editor, and actor, 'Claustro', (6 minutes live-action), 'Yubi Digital', Shanghai'.

- 2007 Producer and director (Changchun, China),'Workshop 2007', (live-action and animation), 30 minutes Documentary of my students in class, Animation College of Changchun.

- 2008 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'The Monkey King', (TV series), first episode, 'CCTV Ani.inc.'.

- 2008 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'A tout Cinq', (TV series), 'C'est de ta faute', 'Bout du nez','EuroVisual' prod.

- 2009 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'Marsupilami', (TV series), 'Les Belles au bois dormant','Marsu' and 'Sanka' prod.

- 2009 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'Poppixie', (TV series),'The green invasion','Rainbow' prod.

- 2009 Free-Lance animator (Shanghai), 'Princess Lilifee', ( Feature film ), 'Caligari Film' and 'Wunderwerks' prod.

- 2011 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'Horrid Henry', (TV series), 'Detention', Trick Company prod.

- 2011 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'Chirho', (TV series),'The Secret', Trick Company prod.

- 2011 Ghost animator and consultant, (China), 'Mon Ami Grompf', (TV series),'Un Grompf d'amour', 'Grompf met le chantier', 'Aqua Grompf', 'Australopi Grompf', 'Grompf se rachete une conduite', 'L'Arche de Grompf', 'Une maison de Grompf', 'Jamais sans mon Gromph', 'Grompf en eau trouble', 'Toon Factory'.


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