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Pierre Frolla

Pierre Frolla (born 14 February 1975) is a Monegasque freediver.[1]

Pierre Frolla is a triple World's Recordman in Free Immersion (including -80 meters on 17 August 2001 in Monaco).

In 1998, Pierre won his 1st French Record -variable weight- improving the time of Loic Leferme of 2 meters (-82m). This time is realised with the NUC and with all the present group. This challenge done, Pierre and all the group participate with Loic Leferme's diving training and try to get the World Record in No Limit. This challenge which he will win on 22 May 1999 in bay at St Jean Cap-Ferrat.

With them, Pierre gets his 1st World record in Free Immersion (-72m). In 2000, he won his second World record, -73m in Free Immersion. Following this competition, worn by France, Loïc and Pierre travelled through the world with VM production to produce a movie called “the fish-men”, a 52 minutes produced by France Television. The movie will take 1 year and will include their respective World records in 2001, (-80meters for Pierre, his 3rd World record).

Frolla is today a member of the ‘Champions for Peace’ club, a group of 54 famous elite athletes committed to serving peace in the world through sport, created by Peace and Sport, a Monaco-based international organization.

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