Pierre Levasseur (aircraft builder)

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Pierre Levasseur was a French aircraft designer, who through his company Sociéte Pierre Levasseur Aéronautique, produced aircraft for the French Navy in the early 1900s and ran a flying school. The chief pilot of his school was François Denhaut (1877–1952), notable for designing the first flying boat. Georges Abrial (1898 – ?), an early French aerodynamicist, also worked with Levasseur to produce the Levasseur-Abrial A-1.

Sociéte Pierre Levasseur Aéronautique[edit]

Models created included:

A famous aircraft produced by the company was The White Bird (L'Oiseau Blanc), a Levasseur PL.8 biplane which disappeared in 1927 during an attempt to make the first non-stop transatlantic flight between Paris and New York.[1]