Pierre Manent

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Pierre Manent
Pierre Manent.jpg
Pierre Manent in November 2011
Born Pierre Manent
(1949-05-06) May 6, 1949 (age 69)
Toulouse, France
Nationality French
Alma mater École Normale Supérieure
Scientific career
Fields Political science
Institutions Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
Boston College
Influences Aristotle, Tocqueville, Raymond Aron, Leo Strauss

Pierre Manent (French: [manɑ̃]; born 6 May 1949, Toulouse) is a French political scientist and academic. He teaches political philosophy at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, in the Centre de recherches politiques Raymond Aron. Every autumn[when?], he is also a visiting teacher in Boston College at the department of Political Science.

After graduating from the École Normale Supérieure, he became assistant to Raymond Aron at the Collège de France. He was one of the founders of the quarterly Commentaire and remains a regular contributor.

Manent is a key figure of the contemporary French political philosophy and his work has helped the rediscovery of the French liberal tradition. Manent is a Euroskeptic,[1] and classical liberal, and has been called by The Weekly Standard to be "the most profound of the Euroskeptical philosophers".[2]


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