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Pierre Marie Arthur Morelet (26 August 1809 – 9 October 1892) was a French naturalist, born in Lays, Doubs. He was a member of the Commission to Algeria, primarily as a natural artist, drawing any natural findings.

He had a particular interest in molluscs, particularly the molluscan species of Africa, and published many works on the topic.

Morelet married Noémie de Folin, sister of Léopold de Folin. Morelet died of natural causes in 1892, in Dijon.

Taxa described[edit]

Morelet described various taxa, including:

Taxa named in his honour[edit]

Taxa named in honour of Arthur Morelet include:



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  • Morelet A. (1860). Iles Açores. Notice sur l'histoire naturelle des Açores suivie d'une description des mollusques terrestres de cet archipel. scan


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