Pierre Mollaret

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Pierre Mollaret
Born 10 July 1898
Died 3 December 1987
Nationality France
Fields neurology
Known for infectious diseases

Pierre Mollaret (10 July 1898 – 3 December 1987) was a neurologist who made significant scientific contributions to the study of infectious diseases and neurology. He was born in Auxerre, France and died in Paris. A rare disease characterized by recurrent episodes of aseptic meningitis was discovered by Mollaret, and subsequently named after him - called Mollaret's meningitis, this disease is typically caused by herpes simplex virus infection of the brain.[1][2]

He is also credited with the characterization of a neural pathway known as the Guillain-Mollaret triangle or Myoclonic triangle,[3] and the discovery of the causative agent of cat-scratch disease.[4]


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