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Ngijol Ngijol Pierre (born Musi Pierre, 8 August 1934 – 29 June 2009) was a Cameroonian scholar, social critic, and tribal leader. He was the only surviving son (of 16 children, only 3 of whom survived to adulthood) of Thomas Ngijol (c. 1905 - 1971), a Cameroonian nobleman from the Ndog Njeh Clan. This association placed Ngijol Pierre in one of the leading families of the Bassa ethnic group. His mother, Ngo Maloum Marie Therese (c. 1902–1968), also came from tribal nobility.

In his career, Ngijol Pierre was appointed director of a doctoral school by the Ministry of Higher Education. He was married four times, twice divorced, and is survived by seventeen children, more than twenty grandchildren, an older sister, and his widow.[1]


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