Pierre Ouellette

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Pierre Ouellette
Born 1945
Occupation advertising and public relations, novelist
Genre science fiction
Literary movement hard SF
Notable works The Deus Machine

Pierre Ouellette (born 1945) is a science fiction author.[1] He lives in Portland, Oregon. He wrote the science fiction thrillers The Deus Machine (Villard Books, 1994) and The Third Pandemic (Pocket Books, 1996). Writing under the name of Pierre Davis, his third novel A Breed Apart was published in 2009 by Bantam-Dell. A fourth book, entitled Origin Unknown was published in July 2011. His fifth book, titled The Forever Man, was published in January 2014 by Alibi Books, a Random House imprint. His latest novel, Bakersfield, a crime story set in mid-1950s California, is due out in September 2018 from Jorvik Press. In 2000, Pierre sold the ad and PR agency he co-founded, and works as a video/film producer and guitarist when not writing.


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