Pierre Rosenstiehl

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Pierre Rosenstiehl

Pierre Rosenstiehl (born 1933) is a French mathematician recognized for his work in graph theory, planar graphs, and graph drawing.

The Fraysseix-Rosenstiehl's planarity criterion is at the origin of the left-right planarity algorithm implemented in Pigale software, which is considered as the fastest implemented planarity testing algorithm.[1]

Rosenstiehl was directeur d’études at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, before his retirement.[2] He is co-editor in chief of the European Journal of Combinatorics.[3] Rosenstiehl, Giuseppe Di Battista, Peter Eades and Roberto Tamassia organized in 1992 at Marino (Italy) a meeting devoted to graph drawing which initiated a long series of international conferences, the International Symposia on Graph Drawing.

He has been a member of the French literary group Oulipo since 1992. He married the French author and illustrator Agnès Rosenstiehl.


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