Pierre Tubbs

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Pierre Tubbs
Birth namePierre Richard Roman Tubbs
Born1942 (age 80–81)
GenresR&B, disco, rock, pop, psychedelic rock
Occupation(s)Songwriter, record producer, album sleeve designer

Pierre Tubbs (born Pierre Richard Roman Tubbs, 1942) is a British songwriter, record producer and album sleeve designer. One of his biggest successes is "Right Back Where We Started From", which he co-wrote with J. Vincent Edwards. The song was recorded by Maxine Nightingale and used in the movie Slap Shot.[1] He also co-wrote, with J.J. Jackson, "But It's Alright", which was a hit for Jackson when originally released in 1966, and also when re-released in 1969.

In 1965, Tubbs recorded the band "the Silence" (pre-John's Children), which was not released at the time. In 1966, he was a producer at Strike Records where, under the pseudonym Peter Richards, he recorded and released Sophisticated Beggar, the first album by Roy Harper. In 1967, Tubbs became an A&R person. in the role of creative manager, for United Artists Records.[2]

In 1999, a compilation album, Pierre's Plastic Dream - The Basement Tapes 1966-1968 was released by Market Square Records. The album contained performances by Our Plastic Dream, where Tubbs was the lead singer,[3] The Silence, The Jeeps and The Owl. The album included two songs with J.J. Jackson and The Jeeps, including a version of "But It's Alright".[4] The album is described as "an extremely rare compilation...an amazing range of musical style, from pop through R 'n' B and psychedelic".[2]


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