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Pierre de Bar[1] (died 11 January 1253, Perugia) was a French Cardinal. He is also tentatively identified as a scholastic philosopher, at the University of Paris around 1230.[2] Some sources indicate that he entered Cistercian Order but more recent research conclude that he was secular priest.[3] He was chancellor of the diocese of Noyon from 1232 until his promotion to the cardinalate.

He was created cardinal by Pope Innocent IV, initially as priest of S. Marcello on 28 May 1244, and then as cardinal-bishop of Sabina in 1251/52, shortly before his death. He subscribed papal bulls between 27 September 1244 and 12 June 1252. His election to the see of Noyon in 1250 was not ratified by Innocent IV.

There is a portrait of him with Mary Magdalen, by Giotto, in the basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi.[4]


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