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Dr. Pieter B. Pelser and a leaf of Senecio fistulosus

Pieter B. Pelser (born 12 January 1976) is a Lecturer in Plant Systematics and the curator of the herbarium at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. One research interest is the evolutionary history of the tribe Senecioneae, one of the largest tribes in the largest family of flowering plants.[1] He wrote the most recent attempt to define and delimit this tribe and its problematic founding species Senecio.[2] He also studies insects that eat these plants (Longitarsus) which contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids and what makes them choose which plants they eat.[3]


Pieter B. Pelser was born in Wijchen, a town in the province of Gelderland, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He is married to Philippine pteridologist Julie F. Barcelona.

Pelser is Senior Lecturer in Plant Systematics, University of Canterbury

Co's Digital Flora of the Philippines[edit]

Pieter B. Pelser is a Co-Founder and a Main editor for Co's Digital Flora of the Philippines [4] a website dedicated to collating photos of Philippine Botanical Species[5]

Other Projects[edit]

Research on the Philippine members of the genus Rafflesia, which has the biggest flowers of any plant, and in particular the conservation of them.[1]

Publications by Pelser[edit]

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Non-refereed Articles:

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Book Reviews:

  • Pelser, P.B. 2012. New Zealand’s native trees by John Dawson and Rob Lucas. New Zealand Journal of Botany 50: 95-96.

Popular Articles:

  • Hegt, E. & P.B. Pelser. 2007a. Common Ragwort. Prevention is easier than eradication. Paard en Sport (6): 70-71.
  • Hegt, E. & P.B. Pelser. 2007b. Common Ragwort, facts and myths. Agrarisch Vakblad 4 (3): 3 and 4 (5): 7.
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Further reading[edit]

Publications of Pieter B. Pelser * [1]


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