Pieter Both (mountain)

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Pieter Both
Pieter Both, mountain.jpg
Pieter Both Mountain in 2009
Highest point
Elevation820 m (2,690 ft)
Prominence820 m (2,690 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates20°11′32″S 57°33′19″E / 20.1923°S 57.5552°E / -20.1923; 57.5552Coordinates: 20°11′32″S 57°33′19″E / 20.1923°S 57.5552°E / -20.1923; 57.5552
Pieter Both is located in Mauritius
Pieter Both
Pieter Both
Location of Pieter Both in Mauritius

Pieter Both is the second highest mountain of Mauritius, at 820 metres (2,690 ft) tall.[1] The mountain is shorter than Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire by eight metres. It is named after Pieter Both, the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. It is located in the Moka Range. The notable feature of this mountain is the gigantic rock formation at the very top of it, which resembles a human head. The palm species Hyophorbe amaricaulis, famous for being the world's rarest palm today, was once a common sight on this mountain.

To climb the mountain following the main ridge takes about an hour, and is mildly difficult. It is mainly a scramble, and being exposed, a rope is advised. The dramatic boulder on the pinnacle is about nine metres in diameter, and has several iron spikes fixed to it to aid climbing to the top. The top is flat and about two metres across.


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