Pieter Cornelisz van Soest

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Four Days Battle, 1666.

Pieter Cornelisz van Soest (born c. 1600-1620, flourished c. 1640–67) was a Dutch marine artist, especially prolific in battle-pieces.


Little is known about him. He was the son of Cornelis Pietersz van Soest,[1] and in 1642 he became Poorter of Amsterdam where he was recorded until 1667.[2] In April 1643, as a painter living on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, he married Marritie Dircx (born ca. 1920 in Goch).[1] Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraaten was one of his pupils.[1]

Among his subjects are the Battle of the Downs and the Second Anglo-Dutch War, particularly the Raid on the Medway. Van Soest also depicted the ships Comet Star and Eendracht. His paintings usually have a panoramic view of the battles. Van Soest rendered ships with delicate brushstrokes, while a light impasto is a feature of his skies.[3]