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Horsemen and travelers outside an inn

Pieter Fredrik van Os (8 October 1808 – 31 March 1892) was a painter from the Northern Netherlands. He was the son and pupil of Pieter Gerardus van Os and worked mainly in the spirit of his father.[1]


Van Os was born in Amsterdam, into a well-known family of artists. His grandparents were the painters Jan van Os and Susanna de la Croix. Besides his father, his aunt and uncle also became painters: Georgius and Maria Margaretha van Os. Van Os studied at the Royal Academy in Amsterdam, before traveling through Belgium and Germany. He settled in Haarlem in 1839.[1] Like his father he specialized in painting animals, especially horses in all of their forms, as a work horse, draft horse or racehorse. In 1846 he became a board member of the Haarlem painting club "Kunst zij ons Doel".[1] He died, aged 83, in Haarlem.

Pieter Frederik van Os was the teacher of Anton Mauve (1838–1888) and Johannes Hubertus Leonardus de Haas (1832–1908).


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