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The Last Supper, 1562, Church of Our Lady, Bruges

Pieter Jansz. Pourbus (Gouda, around 1523 – Bruges, 30 January 1584) was a Dutch Flemish Renaissance painter, sculptor, draftsman and cartographer.[1]

According to Karel van Mander Pourbus was born in Gouda but moved to Bruges at a young age, where he married the daughter of Lancelot Blondeel.[2] Though he painted many good works in Bruges, his best work was in the Sint Janskerk in Gouda, the History of Saint Hubertus.[2] He was later eclipsed by his own son, Frans Pourbus the Elder.[2] Besides painting, he was also a surveyor and engineer.[1][2] He was known primarily for his religious and portrait painting and worked mainly in Bruges, where he had settled before 1543, when he became a member of the Bruges Guild of Saint Luke.[1] His pupils were his son, Frans Pourbus the Elder, Antonius Claeissens, and his grandson Frans Pourbus the younger. He died in Bruges.[1]

The works of Pourbus and his teacher Blondeel belong the Mannerism style. The Groeningemuseum in Bruges displays many of his works. The Museum Het Catharina Gasthuis in Gouda possesses a few of his works. The Sint Janskerk and the Church of Our Lady, Bruges have some of his art.


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