Pieter Schoubroeck

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Leto transforms the Lycian Peasants into Frogs by Pieter Schoubroeck, 1607

Pieter Schoubroeck, or Schaubroeck (ca.1570 – May 10, 1607), was a German landscape painter of the Frankenthal school.


Schoubroeck was born at Hessheim. According to the RKD he was active in Italy in 1595, Neurenberg in 1597-1600, and moved to Frankenthal in 1601.[1] He painted landscapes and is considered a member of the school of Frankenthal.[1] The school of Frankenthal[2] included the painters Gillis van Coninxloo, Anton Mirou, and Hendrik van der Borcht the elder & son.[3] He died in Frankenthal.