Pieter van der Werff

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Pieter van der Werff
Werff, Pieter van der - Granida and Daifilo - 1711.jpg
Granida and Daifilo, 1711
Born 1665
Kralingen, Dutch Republic (modern-day Netherlands)
Died September 1722 (aged 56–57)
Rotterdam, Dutch Republic (modern-day Netherlands)
Nationality Dutch
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Pieter van der Werff (1665 – September 26, 1722) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. He assisted his older brother, Adriaen van der Werff.


He learned to paint from his brother Adriaen and according to the RKD, he spent most of his life working in Rotterdam, where he painted the rich and famous.[1]


  • Portrait of Adriaen Paets (1690-1720), two portraits
  • Portrait of Adriaen Besemer (1690-1722)
  • Portrait of Cornelis de Koningh (1690-1722)
  • Portrait of Paulus Verschuur (1690-1722)
  • Portrait of Gerard van Bergen (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Cornelis van den Bergh (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Johan van der Bergh (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Joost van Cuolster (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Cornelis Jansz Hartigsvelt (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Willem Hartigsvelt
  • Portrait of Johan Kievelt (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Ewoud Pietersz (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Johan de Reus (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Dominicus Rosmale (1695-1722),
  • Portrait of Pieter Sonmans (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Johan van der Veeken (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Johan de Vries (1695-1722)
  • Portrait of Philip William August, Count Palatine of Neuburg (1690s)
  • Portrait of Jacob Dane (1700)
  • Portrait of a Cornelis Matelief de Jonge (1700)
  • Granida and Daifilo (1711)
  • Portrait of a Woman, presumably Elisabeth Hollaer, wife of Theodorus Rijswijk (1710s)
  • Lot and his Daughters
  • Portrait of Hendrik Nobel


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