Pig's blood cake

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Deep fried blood pudding on a stick

Pig's blood cake (Chinese: 豬血糕; pinyin: zhū xiě gāo; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: ti-hoeh-ko or 豬血粿; zhū xiě guǒ; ti-hoeh-koé) is a street food delicacy served on a stick from market stalls in Taiwan. It is made with pork blood, sticky rice and soy broth. It is either fried or steamed and can be coated in peanut flour. Pig's blood cake came from Fujian to Taiwan and then developed [1]. It is eaten as a snack. It can also be cooked in a hot pot. It is served hot by street vendors who keep it warmed in a wooden box or metal steamer.[2] A description from Seriouseats described it as cross between a rice cake and mochi.[2]


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