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A pig is a mammal of the genus Sus.

Pig, PIG, Pigs, or PIGS may also refer to:


  • Domestic pig, Sus scrofa domestica or Sus domestica
    • Wild pig, or Eurasian wild boar, Sus scrofa, the species from which the domestic pig was bred
      • Sus, a genus within the pig family, including Sus scrofa and closely related southeast Asian species
        • Suinae, the pig subfamily, including Sus and other genera from Africa and southeast Asia
          • Suidae, the pig family, including Suinae and other extinct Old World subfamilies
            • Suina, a suborder of mammals including Suidae, and the Tayssuidae (peccaries or "New World pigs")
  • Guinea pig, a domestic species of rodent that is popular as a pet
  • Hell pigs or terminator pigs, the Entelodonts, a family of extinct mammals


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Science and technology

  • Pig (programming tool), a MapReduce programming tool used on Hadoop
  • PIGS (genetics), a human gene
  • Distillation pig, a piece of glassware that allows fractions to be collected without breaking vacuum
  • Pig, another term for ingot
  • The Pig (tool), a firefighting tool
  • Lead pig, a container made of lead shielding for storing and transporting radioactive materials
  • Pig, acronym for pipeline inspection gauge, a form of pipeline maintenance used in pigging
  • Pig, a small sandbag used for flood control inside a building

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