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Pigs race away from the starting gate.
Pigs race down the track.

Pig-racing is a sport in which juvenile pigs race around a small enclosed dirt, fake grass or gravel track.[citation needed] This racing is usually purely for entertainment, and betting is not part of it.[citation needed] It is often one of the attractions at county fairs, but is also practiced in many backyard setups.[citation needed]


The festival in Portlaoise is known for pig-racing, and it has been tried also in Durrow for their St. Patrick's day parade in 2009.[1]

United Kingdom[edit]

Pig racing is practised in the United Kingdom. The South of England Rare Breeds Centre holds regular pig races in the summer.[2] Natasha Raskin has also commented Hall Park in Oswestry is also famous for pig racing.[3] Piglet racing has become popular at the Royal Norfolk Show with a course of about 80 metres with three jumps with various breeds participating.[4]

A proposal by the Winchester Cheese and Chilli Festival in August 2018 to stage a steeplechase for 6 rare-breed pigs over hurdles was abandoned after a campaign group Pig's don't race raised 46,873 to an online campaign. The charity Animal Aid were quoted as noting "to run in front of potentially loud crowds in scorching heat ... "caused these sensitive animals undue stress, in addition to the distress and heat produced through transportation". The organisers said they withdrew the event due to continued hot temperatures and after consultations with relevant parties.[5]

United States[edit]

Pig-racing is most popular in the Southern United States. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina will occasionally host pig races before other sporting events. The annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo bills itself as the largest in the world, and the second-largest fair or festival of any kind in North America. Besides the pro rodeo events and livestock exhibitions, pig racing is featured. The minor league baseball team the St. Paul Saints host pig races at the stadium during select home games.[citation needed]

The newest pig-racing show traveling the USA is called Hot Dog Pig Races which included pig racing and dachshunds. You can find them at fairs and festivals such as Meadowlands State Fair, Ocean County Fair NJ, Dundulk Heritage Festival MD and the Pig Gig Bay City MI. All-Alaskan Racing Pigs, Sue Wee Pigs and Ugly Pig Racing are other shows traveling the USA The Bear Creek Saloon and Steakhouse, in Bear Creek, Montana, has hosted pig races during the summer season since 1992.[6]


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