Pigeon Spire

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Pigeon Spire, The Bugaboos
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Pigeon Spire
Highest point
Elevation 3,156 m (10,354 ft)
Prominence 181 m (594 ft)
Coordinates 50°43′8″N 116°47′5″W / 50.71889°N 116.78472°W / 50.71889; -116.78472
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Purcell Mountains, Columbia Mountains
Topo map NTS 82K/10
Mountain type Granite
First ascent 1930 Paul Kaufmann, Oliver Eaton Cromwell
Easiest route West ridge (II, 5.4)
Pigeon Spire from the Kain Route

Pigeon Spire is a peak in the Purcell Mountains of the Columbia Mountains in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. It may be one of the most climbed of the spires in The Bugaboos owing to its relatively low prominence from the Vowell Glacier and the existence of an easy route (the West Ridge; II, 5.4). It is not uncommon to have a couple dozen people on this route on a busy weekend. There are longer, harder routes on the spire's North and East faces.


  • West Ridge (II, 5.4)

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