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Studio album by Watts
Released May 17, 2004
Genre Industrial rock
Industrial metal
Length 47:33
Label Grand Recordings
Producer Raymond Watts, Eden
Watts chronology
Genuine American Monster
(1999)Genuine American Monster1999

Pigmartyr (2004) is an album by Raymond Watts, a.k.a. PIG. This was the first album he signed as "Watts" instead of "PIG". The First copies (approx. 500) were signed and numbered by Raymond Watts.[1]

Album information[edit]

Raymond Watts' first release since 1999's Genuine American Monster, Pigmartyr is a bit of a departure from typical Pig material. Gone are most of the bombastic string sections and orchestral influence, Pigmartyr takes a turn toward the hard rock side, and has a much more raw and stripped down feel.

The album was largely recorded in London, UK with a number of collaborators, including a duet ("Take") with glamorous UK rockchick Harry (aka Dirty Harry) and a couple of co-writes ("Situation" and "Here To Stay") with Marc Heal of Cubanate.

Pigmartyr was originally planned as a PIG band album under the title Lust for Lard. After a series of drawn-out recording sessions and release date changes, it was eventually released by Grand Recordings as a "Watts" album in summer 2004. The album was remastered and rereleased through Metropolis under the title Pigmata in 2005, as a PIG album, with three additional tracks mixed by Isaac Glendening of Cesium 137.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Suck Spit Shit"
  2. "Here To Stay"
  3. "Reject"
  4. "Situation"
  5. "Kundalini"
  6. "Vitriol Vice & Virtue"
  7. "Take"
  8. "Arbor Vitate"
  9. "Stage Slut"
  10. "Junky"



  • Marc Heal – additional programming on "Situation" and "Here To Stay"
  • Harry – vocals on "Take"
  • Bryan Black – backing vocals on "Junky"
  • Oliver Grasset – additional programming on "Junky"
  • Jules Cooper – additional guitars


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