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Stable release
0.3.17 / May 20, 2009; 8 years ago (2009-05-20)
Written in C
Operating system Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Multimedia framework
License GNU Lesser General Public License
Website code.fluendo.com/pigment/trac[dead link]

Pigment is a 3D scene graph (or canvas?) library designed to easily create rich application user interfaces. Pigment uses OpenGL for rendering, and supports OpenGL 1.2 to 2.1 and OpenGL ES-CM 1.1 plugins. Embedding of images and video utilizes GdkPixbuf and GStreamer, with fast video playback via hardware scaling and colour space conversion. Other features include asynchronous image loading, thread-safety, GTK+ integration via a custom widget, and fully supported Python bindings.

Pigment is known to work on Linux (x86, PowerPC and ARM), Solaris (x86 and SPARC), OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Pigment is free software, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

GTK+ Scene Graph Kit was released as part of GTK+ 3.90 in March 2017.

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