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Piikani 147 is located in Alberta
Piikani 147
Piikani 147
Location of Piikani 147 in Alberta

Piikani 147, formerly Peigan 147, is an Indian reserve in Alberta.[1] It is located 61 kilometres (38 mi) west of the City of Lethbridge. It has a land area of 430.31 km², making it the fourth-largest Indian reserve in Canada, and lies at an elevation of 1,046 metres (3,432 ft). The Canada 2011 Census reported a population of 1,217 inhabitants. It is bordered by the Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 on its north and east, and by the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 on its west and south. The nearest outside communities are Fort Macleod and Pincher Creek.

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Coordinates: 49°35′N 113°40′W / 49.583°N 113.667°W / 49.583; -113.667 (Peigan 147)