Piirissaare Parish

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Piirissaare Parish
Piirissaare vald
Municipality of Estonia
Piirissaare beach
Piirissaare beach
Flag of Piirissaare Parish
Coat of arms of Piirissaare Parish
Coat of arms
Piirissaare Parish within Tartu County.
Piirissaare Parish within Tartu County.
Country Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
County Tartumaa lipp.svg Tartu County
Administrative centre Tooni
 • Mayor Jelena Umbleja (non-party)
 • Total 7.8 km2 (3.0 sq mi)
Population (01.01.2010)
 • Total 73
Website piirissaare.ee

Piirissaare Parish is the smallest (by population) rural municipality in Tartu County, Estonia, consisting of the Piirissaar island in Lake Peipus. The island is known for its beautiful nature. There are many rare species such as the common spadefoot toad, green toad, little gull, black tern, white-tailed eagle, European bullhead, Petasites spurius and muskrat. It is the most important wildlife preserve for amphibians in Estonia.

Government (vallavalitsus) and Parliament (vallavolikogu)[edit]


The parliament of Piirissaar (Piirissaare vallavolikogu) has 7 members. Three of them are belonging to Valimisliit Kodupaik (VK) and four members are from Estonian second largest party Estonian Center Party (KE).

Piirissaare vallavolikogu
Seats 7
Political groups
     VK (3)
     K (4)
Last election
October 2013
Meeting place
Piirissaare vallavalitsus, Tooni küla


There are 3 villages on Piirissaar: Piiri, Saare and Tooni.

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Coordinates: 58°22′23″N 27°31′24″E / 58.37306°N 27.52333°E / 58.37306; 27.52333