Border Guard Flight Squadron (Estonia)

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Border Guard Flight Squadron
Piirivalve lennusalk
Country  Estonia
Branch Estonian Border Guard
Role Border patrol, search and rescue
Headquarters Tallinn
Aircraft flown
Helicopter AW139
Observation helicopter Enstrom 480
Patrol L-410UVP, Cessna 172R

The Border Guard Flight Squadron (Estonian: Piirivalve lennusalk) is a mixed helicopter and airplane flight squadron of the Estonian Border Guard, subject to the Police and Border Guard Board. The squadron is a rapid response search and rescue unit, which also conducts the usual border control and monitoring operations.


The unit was established in 1993 under the name of States Flight Squadron. On 22 April 1997 the unit was reorganized and later renamed into Border Guard Flight Squadron.


In 2000s the squadron has received some new equipment in the terms of modern search and rescue helicopters. In 2011 the unit opened another air base in Saaremaa at the Kuressaare Airport.


Aircraft Origin Type In service Notes
Let L-410UVP  Czech Republic transport and patrol aircraft 2
Cessna 172R  United States training and patrol aircraft 1
AgustaWestland AW139  Italy search and rescue helicopter 3
Enstrom 480  United States training and patrol helicopter 1

Former equipment:

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