Spiral Trackway

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Spiral Trackway
Spiral Trackway.jpg
Studio album by Buckethead
Released September 3, 2013 (Limited edition)
July 14, 2014 (Digital Edition)
Genre Experimental, Avant-Garde
Length 31:06
Label Bucketheadland
Producer Dan Monti and Albert
Buckethead chronology
Spiral Trackway
Sphere Facade

Spiral Trackway or also known as Pike 21 is the fifty-first studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the twenty-first installment of the Buckethead Pikes Series.[1][2]

The album was announced on July 29 simultaneously along with the following installment, Sphere Facade as a limited edition, untitled album with hand drawn covers and signed by Buckethead himself. Both albums were intended to be released on August 23, but got pushed back to September 3. On July 14, 2014 the album was released digitally which included the official album title, cover, and track names.[3]

A standard edition was also announced but has not yet been released.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Spiral Trackway"   4:35
2. "Center Platform"   4:36
3. "Aluminum Hub"   3:43
4. "Fiber Optic Gateway"   3:39
5. "Solar Satellite"   1:04
6. "Symphony Of The Seed"   4:18
7. "Micro And Macro World"   4:07
8. "Hyacinth"   5:06
Total length:

Release history[edit]

Date Label Format Country Sold Out
September 3, 2013 Bucketheadland Limited Edition CD U.S. Yes
July 14, 2014 Digital Edition -
Unknown Standard Edition CD Unknown


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