Pikku Kakkonen

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Pikku Kakkonen (Little Two)
Country of originFinland
Original language(s)Finnish
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Yle
Original networkYle TV2
Original release1977–
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Pikku Kakkonen (Finnish for "the little two") is an ongoing Finnish magazine-type children's TV show shown on Yle TV2. The first episode aired on January 11, 1977. It finished with a bedtime story read by the late Lasse Pöysti (1927-2019) and an East German Sandman animation, setting the format for hundreds of later episodes.

The Pikku Kakkonen show is based in Tampere, and its signature melodies (The Pikku Kakkonen mail tune and the main title tune) have been made into mobile phone ringing tones. On October 25, 1983, Pikku Kakkonen introduced a new logo that consists of a moon, a flower, a teddybear, a doll, a ghost, a fish, and a bird which together form the number 2; which also matches the frequency for Yle's secondary channel, although Pikku Kakkonen's current intro animation is illustrated by Camilla Mickwitz who were responsible to design and animate the stop-motion opening and ending sequences. However, this logo becomes Pikku Kakkonen's current logo as a trademark symbol and it shall permanently remain a long use throughout today.

Characters and series[edit]

Many of these have been spun off as separate TV shows, theatre films or books.

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