Pikmin Dance

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"Pikmin Dance"
Single by Strawberry Flower
Released March 27, 2002
Recorded 2001
Strawberry Flower singles chronology
"Ai no Uta"
"Pikmin Dance"
"Tane no Uta"

"Pikmin Dance" (ピクミンダンス Pikumin Dansu?) is a song by Strawberry Flower, released as their second single. It contained three dance versions of their debut single "Ai no Uta".

This single is rare and out of print.

Members at the Time of Single[edit]

From Pikmin: Red Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin

Track listing[edit]

  1. Techno De Pikmin (テクノでピクミン Tekuno De Pikumin?, Let's Techno with The Pikmin) (Ai no Uta (愛のうた Song of Love?)/Techno Version)
  2. Pikmin no March (ピクミンのマーチ Pikumin no Māchi?, March of The Pikmin) (Ai no Uta (愛のうた Song of Love?)/March Version)
  3. Pikmin Ondo (ピクミン音頭 Pikumin Ondo?) (Ai no Uta (愛のうた Song of Love?)/Ondo Version)