Pilesgrove Solar Farm

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Pilesgrove Solar Farm
Country United States
Location Pilesgrove Township, New Jersey
Status Operational
Construction began 2010
Commission date 2011
Owner(s) Panda Power Funds
Con Edison
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 100 acres (40.5 ha)
Power generation
Units operational 71,000
Nameplate capacity 20 MW

The Pilesgrove Solar Farm is a 20-megawatt (MW, 26,800 hp) solar photovoltaic power plant, located in Pilesgrove Township, New Jersey. The farm contains 71,000 ground-mounted solar panels and at the time of its construction was one of the largest solar farms in the northeast United States.[1]

The solar farm is being developed by Dallas based Panda Power Funds and Valhalla, New York based Con Edison Development.[1] In addition to the sale of electrical power, the companies are expected to generate an additional $11 million to $12 million per year in renewable energy certificates.[2]

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Coordinates: 39°36′50″N 75°18′31″W / 39.61380°N 75.30868°W / 39.61380; -75.30868