Pilgrim (sandwich)

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Alternative namesPuritan
Place of originUnited States
Region or stateNew England
Main ingredientsBread slices or bap

A Pilgrim or Puritan is a sandwich which has connotations with the American Pilgrim Fathers and Thanksgiving Day. It was a traditional way of using up leftover food from Thanksgiving Day and thus is composed essentially of bread slices or a bap, into which are placed sliced roast turkey, cranberries or cranberry sauce and cheddar cheese. There is an enormous variation in its composition with a huge range of ingredients being employed in some sandwiches and a great variation of ingredients between recipes. At its most basic it can be two slices of bread with slices of turkey, herb stuffing, cranberry sauce and some gravy.[1]

More sophisticated versions of the Pilgrim sandwich include store-bought corn muffins, crusty hoagie, French bread, ciabatta rolls, extra virgin olive oil, butter, chopped apple, chopped onion, celery, flat leaf parsley, Thousand Island dressing and sliced/chopped pickled gherkins for topping.[2][3]

A poll in Esquire, a well known international magazine, reported it to be one of America’s favourite sandwiches, the version illustrated included Muenster cheese and lettuce in addition to turkey, stuffing and cranberry chutney.[4]

In popular culture[edit]

Paul Simon mentions pilgrims (and po' boys) in his song "Graceland" from his 1986 Graceland album.

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