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Pilgrim von Puchheim (died 5 April 1396) was the archbishop of Salzburg, as Pilgrim II, from 1365. He was a patron of literature and music with a "magnificent court".[1] The Monk of Salzburg lived there for a time,[2] if indeed they are not one and the same person.[3]

Pilgrim first appears as a canon of Salzburg Cathedral in 1353.[4] He was ordained in Venice in 1354 before moving to Avignon, where he received his education.[4] In 1363 he was appointed to a papal chaplaincy, the papacy being at the time seated at Avignon.[4] He was appointed archbishop of Salsburg in 1365. He was so powerful that by 1393 he had endowed his cathedral more than one hundred times.[1]

The Monk of Salzburg claims in two of his songs that he wrote them at Pilgrim's command. In another piece, the lines form an acrostic that reads "Pylgreim Erczpischof Legat".[1] In a secular song of 1387 Pilgrim's visit to the court of King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia is mentioned, and his travels are also recounted in a secular song from 1392.[1] The Monk also celebrated Pilgrim's chaplain, Richerus von Radstadt, in a song.[1]


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