Pilgrimage to Hell

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Pilgrimage to Hell
Pilgrimage to Hell.jpg
Author Christopher Lowder and Laurence James
Country United States
Language English
Series Deathlands series
Genre Science fiction Post-apocalyptic novel
Publisher Harlequin Enterprises Ltd (USA)
Publication date
June 1986
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 381 pp
ISBN 0-373-62501-4 (first edition)
OCLC 14206528
Preceded by Encounter
Followed by Red Holocaust

Pilgrimage to Hell is the first book in the Deathlands Saga of novels. Written by Christopher Lowder under his pen name Jack Adrian and published on May 1, 1986, it follows the adventures of Ryan Cawdor, Krysty Wroth and J.B. Dix, and delves into how they met.


A major character of the saga who appears in this novel is the Trader, who apparently goes off to die alone near the end of the book, but is constantly referenced in future novels. It also brings Doc Tanner (a senile-sounding gentleman with knowledge of pre-war America) to the group, and gives us our first glance at one of the series' long running mutant menaces : Stickies.

This book also introduces the Redoubts, in particular the Cerberus Redoubt, and the MAT-TRANS teleport chambers that are a major plot device driving the series.

Characters Introduced/Leaving[edit]

Ryan Cawdor (Introduced)

Krysty Wroth (Introduced)

J.B. Dix (Introduced)

Dr. Theophilus Tanner (Introduced)

Okie (Introduced)

Hunaker (Introduced)

Hennings (Introduced)

Finnagan (Introduced)

The Trader (Introduced)

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