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The Pilipino series banknotes is the name used to refer to Philippine banknotes issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines from 1969 to 1973, during the term of President Ferdinand Marcos. It was succeeded by the Ang Bagong Lipunan Series of banknotes, to which it shared a similar design. The lowest denomination of the series is 1-piso and the highest is 100-piso.

This series represented a radical change from the English series. The bills underwent Filipinization and a design change.

After the declaration of Proclamation № 1081 on September 23, 1972, the Central Bank demonetized the existing banknotes (both the English and Pilipino series) on March 1, 1974, pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 378.[1] All the unissued banknotes were sent back to the De La Rue plant in London for overprinting the watermark area with the words "ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN" and an oval geometric safety design.


Pilipino Series
Image Value Dimensions Main Color Description Year
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse First issue Withdrawal
1 pesos ₱1 160 × 66 mm Blue José Rizal Declaration of Philippine Independence 1967 1974
5 pesos ₱5 Green Andres Bonifacio Sanduguan or Blood Compact of the Katipuneros
10 pesos ₱10 Brown Apolinario Mabini Barasoain Church
20 pesos ₱20 Orange Manuel L. Quezon Malacañan Palace
50 pesos ₱50 Red Sergio Osmeña Legislative Building
100 pesos ₱100 Violet Manuel Roxas Former Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Building
For table standards, see the banknote specification table.

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