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A pill reminder is any device that reminds users to take medications. Traditional pill reminders are pill containers with electric timers attached, which can be preset for certain times of the day to set off an alarm. More sophisticated pill reminders can also detect when they have been opened, and therefore when the user is away during the time they were supposed to take their medication, they will be reminded of it when they return. This reminder can be in the form of a light, which also helps for deaf or hearing-impaired users.

A new take on the pill reminder is as a cellphone app that uses the cellphone's alarm system to remind the owner to take the medication. These programs can keep track of missed doses as well. It is just not smartphones that do this; the Pantech Breeze was a flip phone offered by AT&T in the United States from 2009 to 2013, which supported this feature.

Pill Reminder Examples[edit]

Automatic Pill Reminder Bottles Invented and patented in 2004 by innovator and inventor Joseph Lai the pill reminder bottle (device is compatible and can be retrofitted inside a regular conventional pill bottle cap. This reminder device is installed inside the conventional pill bottle between the bottle cap and the bottle container. When the user closes the pill bottle cap on the bottle container, the electronic timer, with factory predetermined time interval, is automatically activated. That activated timer will generate alert signals not only remind user last pill has taken but also to remind the user to take his/hers next dose at time-out.)[1]

Automatic Pill Dispensing System Usually manufactured with a rotating tray of some kind, these pill reminders are programmable, and usually dispense medication only according to the alarm set. A tray filled with the required dosages, dispenses and cycles at each alarm time. Some models like Med-e-lert also have a flashing light and audible alarm that sounds when a dosage is recommended.


Pill Reminder Mobile Apps After the predominant increase in mobile users, there are few of mobile apps developed to remind consumption of medicine, These Apps have features like Reminder notification, track consumption history, Track medical measurements etc... These apps are available in Android and ios as well. Here is the list of few apps.

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